Twilight` stars defend Stewart

Los Angeles: Actors Charlie Bewley and Daniel Cudmore have defended ‘Twilight’ co-star Kristen Stewart following the news that she cheated on boyfriend Robert Pattinson.

Charlie and Daniel, who play Demetri and Felix respectively, say that they both had their share of relationship problems when they were Stewart`s age.

"Think of how many mistakes you made as 22 years old. Like, I made a million. The problem is we`re in the spotlight, but whatever. It`s a relationship, and people go through ups and downs and they have their problems," quoted Cudmore as saying.

He joked that he "couldn`t be in a relationship that lasted more than a week," while Bewley admitted that his relationship record is not spotless.

"Honestly, I used to cheat so much it would be very hypocritical of me to pass judgment on Kristen. I know what it`s like to have an inflated libido. Probably why I`m not in a relationship right now," Bewley said.

Stewart, 22, and Pattinson, 26, who were photographed celebrating Halloween together, will reportedly make their first joint public appearance since the cheating scandal in an MTV interview shortly.

Stewart is rumoured to have won Pattinson back by making him a video montage of their happiest moments together.