Twitter fans slam gagging order actor who ‘slept with Rooney hooker’

Updated: May 11, 2011, 18:54 PM IST

London: The famous actor who allegedly slept with Wayne Rooney’s hooker has been bombarded with abuse on Twitter about his decision to obtain a draconian court gagging order preventing him from being named by newspapers.

The mystery actor managed to hush up claims he cheated on his wife with former prostitute Helen Wood, who said she charged him 195 pounds for sex.

But disappointed fans who believe he has an injunction have posted messages to his account accusing him of being a ‘dirty rat’ – and worse, reports the Daily Mail.

One message on Twitter reads: “I know what you did”, while another said he gave “us family men a bad name”.

A third wrote: “Disappointed in you – 195 pounds – you were robbed”, while another said: “aren’t all #superinjunctions a waste of money? Did you and #helenwood have fun?”

But the actor has stoically avoided replying to any of them, and instead continued tweeting about other innocent developments in his life and work.