Twitterati blast Poonam Pandey for ‘wasting water’ throughout the day!

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: Remember, how Ms Poonam Pandey took upon herself the important task of spreading awareness on personal hygiene via Twitter yesterday! As always, her intention was to draw the attention of the masses towards her, who were hooked to their TV sets watching Indian wrestler Sushil Kumar in action.

The model spent her day in the bath tub paying no heed to the problem of water shortage in the city!

She went about posting several of her pictures taking a bubble bath and posted tweets such as “#BathLikePoonamPandey Ohh its making me crazy…Loving it and luv u all!”. Another hilarious tweet went like this “#BathLikePoonamPandey Pamela was in Baywatch and, I am here in Soapwatch”. And finally, the truth was out! Her last tweet proved what she was up to the entire day. The tweet “#BathLikePoonamPandey haha trending whole day…thanx for loving me so.. luv u all..” made it clear that her agenda was to trend the whole day and steal the limelight from Sushil Kumar who was playing hard for the nation in London.

This surely did not go well with the sensibilities of her twitter followers who slammed her for wasting water when the entire country is reeling under this serious issue. A certain Pankaj A replied in deep anguish, “We have so much water shortage and this @iPoonampandey is bathing since morning. No saving water. Another point to prove why education is must.”

Dear Poonam, you might have tried hard to grab eyeballs by ‘bathing’ on Twitter but your act seems to have backfired!