Unofficial ‘Aaradhya’ goes to Dubai with mom Aishwarya

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Even though it is a well known fact now that Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai have named their daughter ‘Aaradhya’, there hasn’t been any official announcement about the baby’s name by the Bachchan family.

Abhishek had recently stated that the name of his daughter had been decided and he would make an official announcement shortly. But so far they have been mum about the name, even though the press has already gotten to know it.

The Bachchans recently sent boxes of sweets to members of the press announcing the birth of the little one. The card inside the box simply said, “Jaya and Amitabh Bachchan, take pleasure in announcing the birth of their grand daughter. Daughter of Abhishek and Aishwarya Bachchan born on sixteenth November Two Thousand and Eleven.”

Meanwhile, sources stated that the name was registered as the baby needed a name for her passport. Aaradhya took her first trip abroad with mom Aishwarya to the Dubai World Cup.

Speaking to a daily, a source said, "Ash has gone there for a brand event, which will take place at the Dubai World Cup, one of the fanciest horse race events in the world. Unfortunately, Abhishek wasn`t able to accompany them due to work commitments in Mumbai. So Ash and the baby took the flight along with her mother Vrinda, the baby`s nanny and her PR manager."

"The brand people have booked a private suite for Ash and her entourage. When she is at the event, the baby will be looked after by her grandmother and nanny. It was a commitment made by Ash a while ago, so she didn`t want to back out,” added the source.

Apparently the trip was planned in advance and elaborate arrangements were made to make sure Ash and the baby would have a comfortable journey. “She is still nursing Aaradhya, who is nearly five months old. The trip was planned well in advance to get the baby`s passport in order. Since this is the first time Aaradhya is travelling abroad, all necessary precautions have also been taken. They will return on Sunday."

But the question still remains that if the name has already been decided, why is the family keeping mum about it?