US cruel to ageing women: Cattrall

London: "Sex And The City" actress Kim Cattrall says it is very hard for women to age in modern society especially in the US because of the cruel attitude they are subjected to.

Cattrall - better known for playing Samantha Jones in the "Sex and the City" films and television series - feels bad by the apparent attitude in America which punishes women for getting older and also punishes them if they have cosmetic surgery.

"I think the scrutiny of women is obscene. If you don`t do anything, you`re like an old hag; and if you do, you`re a plastic surgeon `victim`. Where can we go to age with respect and dignity? People won`t let us, particularly in America. It`s just so cruel," quoted the 54-year-old as saying.

Cattrall was born in Liverpool, Britain, and raised in British Columbia, Canada.


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