Val Kilmer apologizes for `drunk neighbours` slur

Last Updated: Jun 24, 2010, 14:19 PM IST

Las Vegas: Actor Val Kilmer was given the go-ahead to rent guesthouses on his New Mexico ranch after apologizing for branding his neighbours "drunks and criminals."

"I`d just like to say from my heart that I love it here," a shame-faced Kilmer told a meeting of the San Miguel County Commission on Wednesday, which was considering an appeal against his application.

The star of ‘The Doors’ and ‘Batman Forever’ had angered neighbours on his sprawling 5,333-acre Pecos River Ranch with comments published in interviews with Rolling Stone in 2003 and Esquire in 2005.

Kilmer on Wednesday apologized for "the sting of my words," saying is comments about drunks were made in warning a visitor to drive carefully and that the reporter "chose to transform our earnest discussion" by misconstruing his words.

After Kilmer`s remarks, the six commissioners unanimously approved the application.

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