Veena Malik finds Bollywood as her own family

New Delhi: Pakistani actor Veena Malik has said that she feels extremely comfortable working in Bollywood and considers the tinsel town as her own family. Malik, who rose to fame by her stint in ‘Bigg Boss’ season four, made the comments at her birthday party in Mumbai on February 26 that filmmaker Hemant Madhukar threw for her.

“When I was new here, I wondered what will happen? What response I will get? And trust me, today standing before all of you, these cameras, photographs, even film cameras…I find the entire Bollywood as my own family. I am so comfortable.”

About the party and Madhukar, who has teamed up with her for their upcoming film ‘Mumbai 125 Kms’, Malik said, “It’s a beautiful surprise. A surprise is always very beautiful. So I loved it. It’s a very close association with Hemant ji and all my other teams. Hemant ji has always been very supportive. Last time, you must have remembered, when everybody was searching for me, Hemant ji was also very upset and looking for me. So all my teams are just like my own family. But yes. I am thankful to Hemnat ji. He has always been there for me,” she added.

And the Pakistani beauty is very excited about the character she plays in the film, which she says is very strong and typical.

“’Mumbai 125 Kms’ is a very strong character because it is not a typical character. I am not romancing or anything with anyone. It’s a very strong character, which has thrill, horror, beauty and beast. It’s a very beautiful film. Since it will release in May, I would not disclose much. But yes, I am playing a very strong character,” she added.


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