Veena Malik says assault accusation a publicity stunt by co-star

Lahore: Veena Malik has denied allegations that she assaulted co-actor, Vedita Pratap Singh while shooting a fight sequence for their film ‘Mumbai 125km’. The Pakistani actress says that she hasn’t even been in Mumbai for a while and that Singh is just trying to garner publicity for herself.

“It is a concocted story, I am in Dubai since the last 30 days. So, how can I manhandle or hurt her,” a leading daily has quoted her as telling a website.

“The incident, which she claims to be real, is actually a reel shot and the injuries seen on her forehead were made up for the shot,” she said.

Hemant Madhukar, the director of the film for which the alleged fight scene was being shot, backed Malik’s claim.

“I am not aware of any such incident on the set of my film. Since December 24, Veena has not shot a single scene for us. I don’t know what Vedita is talking about,” he said.

Earlier, Singh had accused Malik of intentionally hurting her while filming the fight scene. However, she has not responded to any of the recent statements made by Madhukar and Malik.