Vidhu just showing concern for Sanjay: Bela Sehgal

Updated: Jun 23, 2012, 21:17 PM IST

Mumbai: Director Bela Sehgal is glad her brother Sanjay Leela Bhansali has touched masses with "Rowdy Rathore". She is unfazed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra`s comments about the movie, and says his concern is most welcome as he happens to be Bhansali`s mentor.

"I feel my brother has brought a change in his life. He is connecting with the masses and why not. Vidhu Vinod Chopra is his mentor. When a mentor shows his concern, he is allowed to do that," Sehgal told IANS.

In a recent interview, Chopra was asked what he had to say of Bhansali producing "Rowdy Rathore", which has minted over Rs.100 crore at the box office.

He said: "I am not happy about it... He`s seeking some kind of recognition and acceptance, and if it`s coming through this kind of cinema, then it`s sad."

Chopra even said rubbish films are making Rs.100 crore.

To this, Sehgal said: "There is nothing wrong if he is happy saying what he is saying and if he is showing concern, it`s okay."

"Sanjay has got nothing against him and even I don`t want to comment on it because I think everybody has their own thing to say. We don`t want to comment on `Ferrari Ki Sawaari` or Vidhu Vinod Chopra or what he has made."

"He is senior and we have learnt a lot from him and we respect him a lot. He is a wonderful man. We really think highly of them."

Sehgal, who has directed Bhansali`s next production "Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi", is glad Bhansali`s attempt at a different film like "Rowdy Rathore" has appealed to the masses.

"What my brother has done is wonderful. Even he should earn, even he should reach out to the masses and I think he has connected with the masses. `Rowdy Rathore` is a very nice film," she said.

"When `Saawariya` and `Guzaarish` happened, people said something, when `Rowdy Rathore` happened, people are saying something. Everybody has the right to say what they want to say. But Sanjay and me we don`t want to say anything about anybody," she added.