Vidya Balan my best co-star: Parambrata Chatterjee

Kolkata: Bengali actor Parambrata Chatterjee, who re-united with Vidya Balan in ‘Kahaani’ nine years after beginning their film journey in ‘Bhalo Theko’, says she still remains an instinctive and spontaneous actress.

"Both of us have moved ahead from those days, she has now turned out to be Vidya Balan, one of the best actors in the country. But she remains a very instinctive actor, very spontaneous till this date," Parambrata told PTI.

The 31-year-old actor, who plays a policeman who helps Vidya in the search of her missing husband in ‘Kahaani’, says they talked about ‘Bhalo Theko’, the 2003 Gautam Halder-directed film, on the sets of the Sujoy Ghosh film.

"We would talk about the Bhalo Theko days, my second film and her first. I was a kid when I did my second film, but she instantly recalled my character`s name in `Bhalo Theko`. That shows how involved she was with both films," he said.

Vidya went on to become a Bollywood star after the success of ‘Parineeta’, but Parambrata says she made him feel comfortable while working together.

"She is an excellent actor, possibly the best I have shared the screen with so far. As a co-actor she is very friendly, cooperative to work with.

"I think Vidya is one of the best among the present day actors and these things help in making a scene real and connect to the audience," he said.

Asked to narrate any funny incident with Vidya during shooting, Parambrata said, "There are endless, she is a prankster. I remember, once I came back from my sabbatical for film studies and I had a slight accent in those days. Vidya regularly used to taunt me for that, she mimicked so well.

"And that helped in making things easier, build-up the camaraderie, raise the comfort level between her and me, a newcomer in Hindi films, and probably that helped in delivering the scenes.”


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