Vidyut Jammwal nabs thieves

Mumbai: Actor Vidyut Jammwal turned into a real-life action hero when he managed to nab two thieves who broke into his house.

"A few days ago, a couple of thieves broke into his house assuming that the house was empty and unattended. Vidyut was in the room inside and came out hearing the sound in the living room," said a source.

"On seeing Vidyut, the intruders attacked him with the intention of injuring him. But they couldn`t succeed," the source added.

The "Force" actor is trained in martial arts, especially Kalaripayattu.

The source also revealed that after brawl with the thieves, he reported them to the police and had them picked up from his house.

Vidyut`s official spokesperson confirmed the incident, which happened earlier this week.