Was Priyanka upset over Kareena getting preferential treatment at an event?

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: Bollywood’s two most popular rival actresses – Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor are in news again. At a recently held awards function, PeeCee was reportedly left miffed by the organisers for giving preferential treatment to newly-married Bebo.

Buzz is that both the actresses were supposed to perform at the event. While Priyanka spent a good amount of time rehearsing for her dance act; it was Kareena who was allowed to breeze in minus any proper preparation for her dance show. This of course, did not go down well with Priyanka who bickered before the organizers for being partial towards Kareena.

Finally, to save the day the event organisers managed to convince an angry PeeCee to go ahead with her dance act.

If what all has been heard is true, then why was Kareena allowed to have her way in the first place?