We just know how to break laws, says `Aamir` Rajeev Khandelwal

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: TV actor Rajeev Khandelwal, who made a big splash in Bollywood with his stupendous performance in `Aamir`, feels that his trip to Europe brings ill luck to India and is now apprehensive about flying to Europe in future.

Talking to a daily, the actor said, "A day before 26/11, I had come back from Spain. Now I feel I should stop going to Europe because whenever I return from Europe, I get a rude welcome in the city," he says.

Ironically, Rajeev who played Dr Aamir Ali in `Aamir` finds himself in troubled waters after being targeted by Islamic extremists to carry out bombing in the city of Mumbai.

However, the recent serial blasts in India’s financial capital have left him dismayed.

"These attacks only prove that the people are very vulnerable. This time around, it was a feeling of hopelessness. If people say that the administration is not doing anything, then we should pull up our own socks because a lot is to be done by us. Instead of blaming each other, we should work together.
Sadly, like corruption, people will start accepting the terrorist attacks as well,” Rajeev said.

Like his colleagues and other commoners, who are equally frustrated with repeated terror attacks in the city, Rajeev too vented out his anger.

“We are now living with scams and soon, such terrorist attacks will become a part of our lives. The onus lies on us and we should stand up and shout, `Nobody has the right to play and mess with our lives.` Instead, every time a bomb goes off in the city, we say, `Thank God, it`s not me`, and message each other saying `Im safe@home`. But kab tak hum message karenge? A day will come when others will wait for our messages, but all in vain," said the actor.

However, the actor does not believe in carrying out candlelight vigils for they have least impact on the decision makers.
He said, "Candlelight vigils are frustrating. We should stop doing all that and start demanding an explanation and also translate our thoughts into action," he says.

Rajeev also feels that we should be holding ourselves responsible for the kind of careless attitude that we wear.

"Before blaming anyone for the attacks, we should introspect. I feel we are our biggest enemies. It is the lack of self-belief, awareness and interest which has snowballed into fear and hatred. We just know how to break laws and our `sab chalta hai` attitude is a cause of worry.”

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