We should stand by Mumbai Police, says Rohit Shetty

Mumbai: Director Rohit Shetty takes a dim view of people criticising Mumbai Police after the tthree blasts two days ago, and believes they should rather lend their support to the department to make it perform more effectively.

"Every time the Mumbai Police become the punching bag, saying `Police didn`t do anything`. The problem is at a higher level and not only Mumbai Police," Shetty told IANS.

"For once, we should have a different point of view and help the Mumbai Police. They are already under so much pressure and we give them more. For once, we should help them and see what changes come," he added.

Shetty said: "Have we ever thought that if police headquarter is shut down for a day, what would be the condition of the city? If any day you dial 100 and they say today is a holiday, think where would you go?"

Shetty, known for directing comedies like the `Golmaal` franchise, is coming out with a cop movie called "Singham", which is set to release July 22.


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