We will miss Sourav Ganguly dearly, says Shah Rukh Khan

Updated: Apr 14, 2011, 18:26 PM IST

Spicezee Bureau

Kolkata: Shah Rukh Khan has run into many controversies following the exclusion of Bengal scion Sourav Ganguly. However, King Khan spoke out about Kolkata Knight Riders and omission of the ex-Indian cricket captain at a press conference recently. SRK, who has been facing a lot of flak for his decision of dropping Ganguly from the team, stated that the team doesn’t aim to earn just money.

Aware of Kolkata’s anger towards his decision to drop Dada, the actor stated that Ganguly was missed a lot. Speaking to reporters at an event in Kolkata the actor said, “This is his city and we will miss Sourav Ganguly dearly."

Khan also mentioned that Sourav was invited to watch the match at the Eden Gardens. "We had invited Dada for the match. Juhi had called him up. However, he was indisposed and could not make it. Our heart, soul and minds are with Dada." The superstar sounded hopeful that Sourav will turn up for the next matches. "I am sure he will come for the next match," SRK said.

When asked if the half empty stadium in Kolkata bothered him, the actor said, "We are very clear of the fact that we have not done too well as far as performance is concerned. But we have the guts to keep going. In the T20 format, you can`t be absolutely sure of a win. However, I`ve only felt the love of Kolkatans, even when we have lost. When we play well, I am sure all will come to see the match.”

Khan also admitted that the team had been facing lot of controversies time and again. "We`ve had a houseful of controversies and a lot of depression over the last three years. But we are trying to tide over that. We were disturbed by the unnecessary controversies coming from every corner, hopefully, those days are over now," he said.

SRK seems to be trying too hard to justify Dada’s omission form his team. Anyway, there is no point crying over spilt milk!