Wesley Snipes released from prison after tax evasion

Updated: Apr 06, 2013, 13:22 PM IST

London: Wesley Snipes, who was serving a three-year sentence for tax evasion, has been released from a US prison.

The 50-year-old was convicted in 2008 after prosecutors said that he failed to file any tax returns for at least a decade after earning millions of dollars, Sky News reported.

He belonged to a group that challenged the US government`s right to collect taxes and had appealed in an Atlanta court, claiming that he didn`t get a fair trial.

But Snipes entered the McKean federal prison in Pennsylvania in December 2010.

Following his release, a Bureau of Corrections spokeswoman said that the `The White Men Can`t Jump` star will be overseen by the New York Community Corrections Office until July 19.