What can be done to help troubled star Lindsay Lohan?

Washington: Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan is going through a tough time as she is in the rehab centre after her jail stint for probation violation.

And what all can be done to help the troubled actress has been mentioned by Thomas Nochajski, who studies DUI offenders, alcohol abuse and delinquency as a faculty researcher in the University at Buffalo School of Social Work.

“First, we need to understand that Lindsay Lohan is not the first person to violate probation requirements; however, because she has money and, to a certain degree, fame, she may have a harder road to travel,” Nochajski said.

Nochajski also threw some light on the issues that should be taken care of while treating the ‘Mean Girls’ star.

“A number of issues should be addressed in her treatment -- potential depression, social anxiety and potential for boredom. She will need to want to change her behavior and she will need to believe she can do so. Changing the individuals she pals with is also something that may need to occur -- if she doesn’t do that then the likelihood of her failing is high.” Nochajski added.


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