When a crew member gave Ayan Mukherjee a bloody nose

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: He is known as Ranbir Kapoor’s best buddy, but Ayan Mukherjee, the director of ‘Wake Up Sid’ could have used a little help of the actor when he got involved in a nasty brawl recently. Reportedly, Ayan was hit by a member of his own crew over a minor altercation which ensued while the unit was filming ‘Jawaani Deewani’.

Sources confirm that, ego issues at work could be the cause that triggered the conflict.

An informer, talking to a daily said, "Seems Ayan`s assistants were using the camera of this guy, Vishwas Batra, who was sent to shoot the making of the film.”

“He got upset and brought it to Ayan`s notice. But the problem wasn`t resolved even after a couple of days. Then one night, over drinks, Vishwas again reminded him about the incident and that it interfered with his work," said the informer, adding that the director stood by his ADs and instead gave Vishwas a piece of his mind.

It’s known that Ayan went a little overboard and went on to say some very nasty things to Vishwas, which caused the latter to lose his temper.

A source revealed, "Maybe because he was a little drunk, Ayan said those things. But Vishwas seemed to have had enough. By the time Ranbir got there to control the situation, the director had been hurt and was bleeding from his nose."

The crew member was immediately chucked off the unit and the heads at Karan Johar`s company decided to bury the matter as soon as possible lest the incident hampers their relationship with other production houses in the industry.