When Brigitte Bardot snuck into Michael Caine’s hotel room

London: When legendary Sir Michael Caine was establishing himself in the sixties, he had a clandestine encounter with the then famous siren of the silver screen Brigitte Bardot, which remained a secret for more than 40 years.

However, it’s out in open now as he revealed how he was woken in his hotel bed by fellow film legend Bardot when they were both working in Spain on separate films in 1964.

The actor, then 31 and single, said Bardot, then 30, sneaked into his room, where he had gone for an early night, and demanded he go out dancing with her instead.

"I went to bed early one night, because I was completely knackered and I had to be up at six the next day, and I felt a hand on my shoulder and opened my eyes. It was Brigitte Bardot. She had paid the bloody doorman to let her in, and she said: ``We’re going out dancing, Michael, you’ve got to come with us,``" the Telegraph quoted him as saying in an interview before the release of new autobiography, ‘The Elephant To Hollywood.’

He admitted that despite agreeing to her request the pair never had a romance and he did not include the anecdote in his book because he says that no one would have believed him.


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