When Daniel Craig left ex Satsuki Mitchell ‘absolutely bewildered’

London: Daniel Craig’s ex-fiancee Satsuki Mitchell is absolutely bewildered at his fast-pace marriage with co-star Rachel Weisz, her family has revealed.

The ‘James Bond’ star formalised his fledgling relationship with Weisz following his dumping Mitchell after a six-year relationship.

Mitchell, a 32-year-old Hollywood producer was earlier reported to have moved on stoically, but her father Christopher confessed to the Daily Mail that her emotions remain still raw.

“His sudden marriage came out of nowhere,” said Christopher.

“We heard about it like everyone else, by reading the newspapers. She doesn’t mention his name now and tells me off if I do,” he added.

Mitchell’s devastation was obvious as she was said to have considered Weisz a friend, after the two women spent time together on the set of ‘Dream House’ in which Weisz has starred with Craig.


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