When Gaga made Timberlake feel old

London: Singer-actor Justin Timberlake was stunned when Lady Gaga admitted that she used to be a big fan of his band N Sync while she was a teenager.

"She told me (that) when she was 14, she sat outside a radio station with *NSYNC painted on her cheek. She said, `I hope that doesn`t make you feel awkward.` I said, `Hell no, that makes me feel old`," Timberlake told Britain`s Elle magazine.

He also revealed that his upbringing in Memphis, Tennessee, didn`t allow him to learn much about modern music at the time, reports thesun.co.uk.

"Where I`m from is very rural - you don`t get pop culture as much. You get that in LA, New York and Miami, on the edges of the country," he said.