When Justin Timberlake averted catfight between Diaz and Lilo

Washington: A book of a celebrity bodyguard has revealed that Justin Timberlake once settled an imminent fight between his then-girlfriend Cameron Diaz and Lindsay Lohan at a Hollywood club.

Lee Weaver’s ‘Memoirs of a Celebrity Bodyguard’ gives an account of the night-out while on duty with Lohan when they ran into the couple, reports Radaronline.com.

“They sat right next to us in another booth. Right after that I heard one of Lindsay’s girlfriend say, ‘There is that b**ch! Go kick her a** right now,’” Weaver wrote.

According to Weaver, Lohan attempted to ditch him to have words with Diaz, but with bodyguards around, the ‘Mean Girls’ actress could only exchange angry looks with Diaz.

At that instance, Timberlake intervened like a hero and spoke to Weaver.

“Cameron and Lindsay are looking at each other like they want to kill each other. I don’t know what this is all about but I came out just to listen to some music and have a good time. I definitely don’t want to fight you and I know you don’t want to fight me. This is what we can do. I will keep Cameron in our booth and you keep Lindsay in her booth,” said Timberlake.

“Today I still respect Justin Timberlake for wanting to smooth that situation out,” Weaver writes.


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