When Katrina Kaif was turned away from UK modeling contract

London: Bollywood superstar Katrina Kaif has revealed that she was once turned away from a UK modeling contract for being too fat.

"They said I didn’t fit their size requirement. I knew I was never going to get any thinner. I’m not skinny, I am healthy and toned,” a daily quoted the stunning size-ten star as saying.

"I’ve been training hard for the dance scenes in my latest film and I’m in good shape but I have curves too.

"If you’re naturally thin, that’s great. But I think it’s so unfair on those girls for whom it doesn’t come naturally.

"It’s much better to focus on being fit and healthy. Not everyone is made to be that thin.

"I’m fed up with seeing tiny models in magazines talking about how they are so curvy. I think, ``No you’re not. I’ll show you curves!``" she said.

Katrina was born in Hong Kong and lived in France, Japan and China before moving to Finchley, in north London, with English mum Suzanne and Indian dad Mohammed when she was 14.

Three years later she moved to Mumbai to pursue her modelling career and nowadays visits the UK to see her sisters who live here.

She recalls her move to India as a teenager.

"I went there to model and I didn’t have the goal of becoming a Bollywood star at all. But after modelling I was offered some film roles,” the star said.

"I didn’t speak much Hindi or have much experience in dance but it was interesting to learn. I had a language tutor and I practised by having conversations with members of the cast and on set," she said.

Today Katrina is so popular in India that she has become the face of the country’s first Bollywood Barbie doll.

"Barbie is so iconic and I was honoured to be asked. It also brings Bollywood to little girls all over India. It’s great to have that connection," the actress added.