When Kelly Clarkson hit rock bottom

London: Kelly Clarkson says she hit rock bottom four years after finding fame because she had been working relentlessly.

The singer shot to fame after winning `American Idol` in 2002 and while she initially coped well with success, she was forced to take a break when she became too ill to function, reports contactmusic.com.

"Because my career went from zero to 100, there was no growing. I learnt well under pressure but, like, four years passed by and I hit rock bottom," she said.

"It was four years of non-stop. Everyone was making a lot of money, so everyone was pushing the train. That`s when it finally caught up with me. I came down with `walking pneumonia` for the second time in a year. My body was physically giving up. I took six months odd (sic) and went home," she added.