Where is Kareena Kapoor?

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Even though promos of her new film are doing the rounds of almost all channels, Kareena Kapoor seem to be missing from action. While beau and producer of ‘Agent Vinod’, Saif Ali Khan is being seen at various events promoting the film, Kareena is no where part of the promotional activities. What more! The actress’s friends are also not in touch with her for the past three weeks.

So where is Bebo? Apparently, the actress is super busy on sets of Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Heroine’. So much so, that she has even postponed meetings and scripting sessions for a later time just to concentrate on the ‘Heroine’. The actress also keeps her phone switched off all throughout the shoot.

Now, Bebo is known for being addicted to her BB. She is often seen texting in between shots so this latest move came as a shock to all. Speaking to DNA, a source said, “ It’s impossible to see Bebo without her phone. In fact, even during the breaks in between shoots, it’s a given that she would be on her phone. She is addicted to BBMing and stays in constant touch with her friends. So it was shocking to know that she was not accessible on her cell either these past few days.”

Kareena’s involvement in the project has got her a new nickname from her friends-Aamir as they feel she is slowly becoming like Aamir Khan who completely shuts himself to the world while shooting for a film. “Not that she was any less professional before, but we think it’s the first time that she’s got so involved in a film that she’s called off all her meetings and has not even been able to catch up with her friends,” added the source.

The actress is shooting for some intense emotional scenes and doesn’t want to be distracted.

“She even instructed her staff to not schedule any meetings in the time being. In fact, even the promotion rounds for ‘Agent Vinod’ that releases next week will only start from saturday, though she did attend a conclave held in the Capital on Friday,” adds the insider.

At the conclave when Bebo was asked about her marriage plans she said, “I will get married hopefully by the end of this year... because I am busy doing `Heroine` and I have to finish the film first. We are not yet going to announce the date. We are in no such rush but it will happen this year.”

Got to admit, after all that Madhur Bhandrakar and his team had to go through to get the ambitious project started, Kareena’s interest and dedication for the film is surely going to make this it a super one!