Whitney Houston’s adopted son ‘not dating’ Bobbi Kristina

Washington: Whitney Houston’s so-called adopted son Nick Gordon has denied claims that he and the late singer’s daughter Bobbi Kristina are dating.

The pair is said to be secretly engaged after Nick reportedly proposed to Bobbi on March 10.

“We’re just close -- just going through her mom’s passing and grieving together,” Gordon told ABC News.

Gordon, 22, and Bobbi Kristina, 19, seemed to confirm their closeness on Twitter, while neither confirming nor denying the reports that they were dating.

“Yeah, we got a little closer and what!!!” Gordon wrote a few days after posting a photo of the two of them smiling.

That was followed by “All the haters that don’t know us or the real story can’t unfollow me. I don’t give a f**k.”

I’ve proved my loyalty to her and the Houston family. I don’t owe any of you anything. Ha, I don’t even know y’all haters.”

“Some ppl [people] have no lives so they gotta be in ours,” he added.

Gordon also made it clear that the two are not related by blood.

“For the stupid ppl out there, she gave birth to 1 child. And she trusted me with EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“She called me her ‘God Son.’ I swear some ppl in this world act like they don’t have a brain …” he wrote.

As for how Bobbi Kristina is handling her mother’s death, Gordon wrote, “Kriss is doing really well. I’ve been so happy with her strength.”

Bobbi Kristina posted one of Gordon’s tweets on her Twitter page, along with tweets from their supporters. “@ndgordon it’s no ones business what you and @REALbkBrown do. If people don’t understand, that’s their problem. Do what makes you happy,” one person wrote.

Hollywoodlife.com recently reported that the couple were seen making out in a Target store near their home.

Gordon was “like a son to her,” Houston’s brother, Michael said.

According to sources close to the family, Houston invited Gordon to live with her more than 10 years ago after learning that his birth mother could no longer care for him.