Whitney Houston’s grave site ‘protected by armed guards’

New York: Whitney Houston’s burial site is now reportedly being protected by armed guards amidst fears that grave robbers would be after her jewellery and gold-lined coffin.

The singer, who died in her LA hotel on February 11, was draped in a purple gown wearing a diamond brooch and earrings and a pair of glittering gold slippers.

The gold casket and jewels have set off alarms that grave robbers may want to steal the booty.

“There is a very genuine fear that her coffin will be targeted by grave robbers,” the New York Post quoted a source as telling Britain’s Daily Star.

“It would be hard for them to actually dig her casket up, but that won’t stop psychotic fans or people who think it could make them money,” the source added.

Houston was buried Sunday in a private ceremony at the Fairview Cemetery in Westfield, New Jersey.