Whoopi Goldberg rubbishes Barbara Walters feud over royal baby coverage

Washington: Whoopi Goldberg has denied ranting about Barbara Walters over the coverage of royal baby.

George Alexander Louis, as the Prince is officially known, has been a favourite with media, but Goldberg and Walters had a tense on-air moment.

The 57-year-old actress/host said that people are losing their minds, asserting that she didn`t care about the coverage.

Walters in reply said that people may not care, but the team would be doing a one hour special on the royal baby.

To which Goldberg replied that a lot of people do care but she doesn`t care personally.

Walters said that she would really like to talk about tonight, asserting that Goldberg will not be watching, but was hoping that the audience will, as they had worked very hard on this.

Goldberg became furious after the New York Daily News wrote that she ranted about Walters backstage after the show, saying that she couldn`t wait till Walters retires, the Huffington Post reported.

She later asked the paper, who gave them this piece of information, as she didn`t make these comments, adding that it was a very good relationship.