Why Anna Wintour is ‘the ultimate gatekeeper’ of celebs

New York: Vogue editor Anna Wintour is ‘the ultimate gatekeeper’ of celebrity, says Elizabeth Currid-Halkett of USC in her new book ‘Starstruck’.

The author said an analysis of Wintour`s social network reveals she`s "more connected than anyone to these major, major stars."

She`s famous in her own right, and other famous people are "intimidated" by her as well, she explained. According to Currid-Halkett, Paris Hilton and Taylor Swift are two media-savy A-listers.

Combined with Anna Wintour`s connections, the three are poised for greatness, the author wrote.

"Taylor Swift is someone we need to watch," the New York Daily quoted Currid-Halkett as saying.

The ‘Speak Now’ songstress is ‘such an A-lister in the conventional sense’ - with beauty, talent, and commercial success.

Throw in her high-profile relationship drama and tabloid-teasing lyrics, and Currid-Halkett explains, the singer/songwriter "is doing all those things that make us become obsessed with a star."

But though Swift may be the ascendant good girl, Currid-Halkett says she can`t help harboring affection for a bad girl of a bygone era: Paris Hilton.

"She behaves like no one else - I actually have a great respect for her. In celebrity culture, she`s definitely like Einstein," she said.