Why Brad Pitt turned his back on ‘dictating’ religion

Washington: Brad Pitt has said that he turned his back on the religion his devout parents brought him up with, because he doesn’t think it’s right to dictate how other people live.

“I grew up Baptist, and then the family switched over to more of an evangelical movement, probably right around the time I was in late high school,” Radar online quoted him as telling Parade magazine.

“There’s a point where you’re un-tethered from the beliefs of your childhood. That point came for me when it was finally clear my religion didn’t work for me.

“There were things I didn’t agree with.”

The father of six is raising his own brood now with Angelina Jolie, and as the couple is not married, it is of no surprise that he does not believe on the orthodox Biblical ban on pre-marital sex.

“My religion was telling me what not to do - what not to even think about doing. Those are the things I would try, because that was my nature,” he said of his rebellious tendencies.

“I had to experience things to know what would work for me - say, something as simple as premarital sex. I can figure out what works or doesn’t work.

“I will know. You say that something is wrong for me to do? Well, I know it’s not wrong because I just did it.

“I don’t mind a world with religion in it. There are some beautiful tenets within all religions. What I get hot about is when they start dictating how other people must live,” he added.


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