Why can`t celebrities have fun, asks Shahid

Mumbai: Shahid Kapoor wonders why people are more stringent about parties involving celebrities, and says like all young people even celebs like to party.

Recently, a party organised in Mumbai in honour of international talk show queen Oprah Winfrey was busted by police more than once due to complaints from neighbours about loud music. In the past, several actors` parties have been interrupted for the same reason. Shahid feels it`s not right to keep celebrities under special scanner all the time.

"Parties are for enjoyment. I don`t think that`s something which gets represented correctly. Especially if it is an actor`s party and the music is loud, people tend to be a bit stricter, which is something I have never understood. We are all young people and why shouldn`t we enjoy our lives," the 30-year-old said here at an event.

Shahid also believes if he can`t have a guilt-free fun time, it`s a hindrance to his freedom.

"There has to be a system where people can enjoy themselves without feeling guilty. Why should I feel guilty if I have worked hard all day long and then want to dance as much as I want? If I can`t do it, then I feel it takes away from my freedom," he said.

The actor has recently wrapped up shooting for Kunal Kohli`s tentatively titled ‘Teri Maeri Kahaani’.

He also recently performed at the Zee Cine Awards in Macau, where he shook a leg with Ranbir Kapoor.