Why did Ahmed Khan choose Ranbir over Shahid?

Updated: Apr 09, 2012, 08:30 AM IST

Mumbai: Choreographer Ahmed Khan, a close friend of both Ranbir Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor, was recently caught in a very uncomfortable situation where both the the stars required his acumen.

Finally Ranbir got Ahmed`s coveted dates, while Shahid shot two of his songs with choreographer Chinni Prakash. However there are no hard feelings between Ahmed and Shahid.

"It is true I had to opt out two songs with Shahid for Kunal Kohli`s film to do the short film with Ranbir. But there was no other way out. Ranbir`s film is a totally new experience. He has narrated an entire love story in four minutes," he said.

"We had to use a 100 Nissan cars, arrange expert drivers from Bangalore and Mumbai…It was an entirely new experience. In fact, Shahid was most co-operative. He advised me to go for the Ranbir project. I felt sorry to see Shahid do the two songs with Chinni Prakashji whom Shahid had never worked with before. But this film with Ranbir was a completely new opportunity for me. I couldn`t let go of it," he added.

Ahmed insists the last-minute opting out has not affected his long-standing friendship with Shahid.

"In fact, I am choreographing another number with Shahid for Kunal Kohli`s film. There are no hard feelings between me and Shahid," he said adding that he`s taking a long sabbatical from choreography.

"I`ve been at it since I was 19. I need a break to spend time with my children," he said.