Why is Akshay Kumar upset?

Updated: Oct 25, 2010, 20:00 PM IST

Mumbai: Star Akshay Kumar is upset and disturbed on finding out that his dogs were being ill-treated by the help.

"I had a bit of a disturbing Sunday, I found out that the very man I`ve hired to take care of my dog and my son`s new puppy has been mistreating and kicking them behind my back (sic)," Akshay posted on Twitter.

"I can`t tell you how distressed that makes me feel that my own beloved pets were being hurt. All I can say is I`ve made sure that it will never happen again... It`s disgusting that any human could mistreat any animal... I`m just very upset, my dogs are part of my family and I can`t bear to see them being hurt in any way (sic)," he added.