Why Rihanna missed best pal Katy Perry`s wedding

Washington: Rihanna was nowhere to be seen when best pal Katy Perry tied the knot with Russell Brand in India over the weekend.

Rihanna was on hand for Perry`s epic Vegas bachelorette bash in September, but wasn`t among friends and family when the singer wed on an Indian tiger reserve on Oct. 23.

"Rih was finishing her album, and she just switched managers, so she had to pull out at the last minute," Usmagazine.com quoted a source close to the singer as saying.

"It was always sort of up in the air that she would go anyway, and Katy knew that.

"They saved her a room just in case, but they always knew it would be nearly impossible for her to make it as she``s still finishing the album and it`s out in a few weeks. Rih was in the studio all weekend," the source added.

Perry and Brand exchanged their vows against "the inspirational and majestic countryside of Northern India," in a ceremony officiated by a Christian minister, according to her rep.