Why was Deepika Padukone in Milan?

Bollywood Life| Last Updated: Sep 19, 2013, 15:00 PM IST

The `Ramleela` actor was spotted in the fashion capital of the world. Take a look at these exclusive pictures and tell us if the leggy lass looked too serious for the flamboyant city’s vibrancy!

Deepika Padukone conspicuous absence at Shah Rukh Khan’s Iftaar party held at the Baadhshah’s palatial Mannat raised many eyebrows. King Khan and Dippy were on a promotion spree for Rohit Shetty’s `Chennai Express` and everyone wondered while the two were seen at almost every even together why was the dimple beauty missing at SRK’s Iftaar party. And now we gather that Deepika was actually in Milan. Our secret birdie spotted Dippy doing some serious research at Milan’s creative arts university – Academia Di Brera.

The B-town angel was seen in a classy outfit and looked really serious. Taking an elegant walk through the cobbled streets of Milan Deepika was perhaps taking some arty inspiration from the gothic architecture of Europe.

Now these pictures have made us curious if Deepika’s ex flame was being his colourful best with a certain Kat in Spain while Dips was wandering in Milan.

Prathamesh Jadhav