Wild Mark Wahlberg now prefers quiet life

Los Angeles: Actor Mark Wahlberg almost lost a movie role because of a fight with Madonna`s friend at a party.The actor, known for his wild past, says because of the fight he almost missed out a part in his 1994 breakthrough film `Renaissance Man`.

"I almost didn`t get the part. I got into a fight at a party in LA with three guys and broke a guy`s nose. It was a few of Madonna`s people, so she called the cops on me. Told everyone this story. Penny Marshall, the producer called me saying, `What did you do?`, but then she was like,`Forget that, I`m giving you the part anyway," contactmusic.com quoted the actor.

These days Mark is much more settled and prefers a quiet life with the family. He enjoys watching emotional films with wife Rhea Durham and their four kids, Ella, 8, Michael, 5, Brendan, 3, and two-year-old Grace.