Winehouse may have met up with mystery man shortly before death

London: The ongoing police investigation into Amy Winehouse’s tragic death has indicated that the singer might have met up with a mystery man shortly before she died.

Police are investigating reports Winehouse was with an unidentified male for some time the previous night of July 23, the day her lifeless body was discovered in her home.

“She had a chaotic lifestyle and often she would head out late at night or even in the early hours of the morning to see friends,” the Mirror quoted a source close to the singer as saying.

“No one really knows what she did after she was checked on by her doctor at 8pm and before she was found dead at 4pm the next day.

“There is a possibility she left her home at some point during the evening and some of her friends believe she may have headed out later,” the source added.

Her dad Mitch, 60, said he believes the 27-year-old ‘Back to Black’ star stayed in playing drums and singing on the eve of the tragedy.

But officers want to explore every eventuality and have already spoken to three “significant individuals”.

They have taken accounts from her bodyguard, her doctor and at least one close friend.


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