Winehouse`s shambolic interview casts doubt on comeback

London: Amy Winehouse`s much hyped comeback may go `Back to Black` as the Grammy winning singer gulped wine and struggled to answer questions in a recent interview.

The 27-year-old beauty is trying to relaunch her career after a hiatus of two years which saw her struggling with drug and alcohol addictions.

But the hitmaker`s first official interview after her comeback, to Harper`s Bazaar magazine did not go as planned.

She kept "gulping down big glasses of wine" during the photoshoot with rocker-turned-photographer Bryan Adams and later became "physically unstable" and "wobbly".

"I quickly realise, I am unlikely to get any answers. She is just not present. She is distracted and vague. My most straightforward questions confuse her," read the piece on

"The lady was unable to focus, mumbling vague, incoherent responses throughout the chat," said the interviewer.