Witherspoon expected Robert Pattinson to be ‘spoiled-rotten brat’

Washington: Reese Witherspoon has revealed that she was surprised to learn that Robert Pattinson was “gracious and smart” as she had expected him to be a “spoiled-rotten brat”.

The 35-year-old actress has teamed up with the ‘Twilight Saga’ heartthrob to star in ‘Water for Elephants’ last year and admits that she was pleasantly surprised by her co-star’s humility.

“I think everybody was looking at him expecting to see, ‘Urgh, this guy’s some spoiled-rotten brat’ and he wasn’t. He’ was incredibly gracious, smart and actually shy and introverted. He’s a very grateful person,” a website has quoted her as telling a British magazine.

The actress admitted that she was particularly impressed by the British star’s devotion to his fans.

“At the London premiere, people slept out in sleeping bags and they were crying and sobbing, but he takes the time to say hello to everybody and sign autographs,” she added.