Witherspoon`s kids made her a content individual

London: Reese Witherspoon thinks having children changed her from being a competitive and aggressive person to a more content individual.

The 34-year-old actress, who has two children - 11-year-old daughter Ava and seven-year-old son Deacon - with ex-husband Ryan Phillippe, believes being a young mother has changed her perspective and made her less focused on her career, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

"My children are the best part of my day. I used to be very competitive and aggressive but when I had my first child at 22, it put my whole life in perspective and helped me get out of my very narrow-minded focus on my career. Having kids stops the endless cycle of self-obsession," she said.

"As you get older, you start to realise that you don`t really know anything and life is a great travelling journey. Life is unexpected you just never know what`s going to happen," she added.