Witnesses named by Preity Zinta likely to record their statement on Monday, Tuesday

Zee Media Bureau/Anindita Dev

New Delhi: Actress Preity Zinta filed an FIR against business partner and ex boyfriend Ness Wadia, in Mumbai on Thursday. She charged him for molestation and assault among other charges.

The incident supposedly took place on May 30 during an Indian Premier League (IPL) match at the Wankhede stadium in South Mumbai. The match was between Chennai Super Kings and Kings X1 Punjab.

The Mumbai police is likely to re-record the statement of the 39 year-old actress and will probe the matter deeply for further information. The two witnesses that Preity named, in her complaint, were contacted by the police and they are likely to appear on Monday or Tuesday to record their statements. No one was available in the BCCI and IPL office as Saturday and Sunday were holidays.

According to sources, Preity is currently out of the country and will give a detailed statement once she is back.

The police have contacted Preity`s lawyers in her absence.

The CCTV footage recovered by the police were not of much help as they could not identify Ness and Preity`s seats. They could not be seen at the back of the stadium where the incident allegedly took place.

According to reports, the police have sought the email that Preity sent to Wadia warning him about his behaviour. They feel that this could be an important evidence to the entire case.

The police will take into questioning all the staff members of the Wankhede stadium, as the CCTV footage failed to provide any essential clues to the case.

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