Won`t say no to Bond villain role: Rachel Weisz

London: Actress Rachel Weisz, who is married to James Bond star Daniel Craig, says she would not mind taking on the role of 007 villain.

The actress met and fell in love with Craig while working on horror drama `Dream House`. The couple later married.

When asked whether she would like to play 007 villian if it were offered to her, Weisz said, "I`d like to! I wouldn`t say no. I`m not a snob about entertainment."

Weisz, who happens to play a wicked witch in her latest film, `Oz the Great and Powerful`, told Esquire magazine that she is attracted to off-beat roles.

"Some of the material I`m attracted to is not... It`s just not commercial. Which means it`s really interesting, you know? It`s off-center. It doesn`t fit in a genre."