Zac Efron makes speedy visits to his girlfriend

London: Hollywood heartthrob Zac Efron lives so close to his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens that he can reach her house in seven and a half minutes.

Although the `cute couple` may not have moved in together yet the `High School Musical` star has a house in Los Angeles close to his girlfriend and has timed his journey to her home, Contactmusic reported.

"We`re not far from each other. We`ve timed it now. If there`s no stop lights and if you take the back streets, you can get there in seven and a half minutes. Yeah, it`s pretty funny. So we`re not living together but we spend a lot of time together," Efron said.

The 23-year-old actor insisted that for their betterment they have decided to stay apart as it keeps the romance ticking in their relationship.

"When we`re filming we spend a lot of time apart, but that`s what keeps it fresh you know? Also, when you`re working you need to be really focused. At least I like to be focused so that time away is important. Then when you come back it`s better than ever," he said.

The actor believes that his relationship with his 21-year-old girlfriend keeps him focused on his career and away from the distractions of fame-hungry women.

"What I will say is that there`s lots of drama and distractions...that I don`t have to put up with. But at the same time I`m getting to experience the amazingness and the beauty of women. "So I`m foregoing all the negative things and really just getting the positive, I think. Being in a relationship has definitely helped me stay focused. I think being in a relationship at this point has kept me out of a lot of things that could have distracted me, could have developed into those distractions. And I`m having every bit as much fun," he added.


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