Zachary Quinto unchanged by success

London: `Star Trek Into Darkness` star Zachary Quinto feels he is determined not to let his success change him.

The 32-year-old actor, who revealed he is gay in 2011, says he will not let his success affect his personal life, even though he is thrilled it has given him more control over his career, reported Contactmusic.

"`Heroes` started to change that for me and `Star Trek` obviously furthered that, and then I started my production company, which I think gave me, immediately, a totally different reserve and well of creativity," Quinto said.

"In my personal life, I am unapologetically who I am, but I feel like I also have a responsibility, and maybe other people don`t feel this way, but I have a responsibility to be authentic, that`s my responsibility to myself and to the degree that can help other people, I also have a responsibility in that regard, I think to just stand up and be visible and be responsible to myself," he added.