Zee media exclusive: WhatsApp chat reveals all in DIG Paraskar case

Zee Media Bureau/Ritika Handoo

New Delhi: The rape and molestation charges levelled against DIG Paraskar by a small-time model has taken a new twist. Zee News has got access to some exclusive `WhatsApp` chat details between the model and her former lawyer Rizwan Siddiqui, which potentially blows the lid off the whole controversy, giving it a new angle altogether.

On June 23, 8:52 am, the model messaged Rizwan saying, “I have just got to know that DIG Paraskar had an affair with Poonam Pandey and he even helped her get some publicity recently. Paraskar called her up in the police station in relation to some case and just let go off her after giving a warning. You prepare a notice of my complaint against the DIG and we will send one copy of which to the Police Commissioner and also to the media. We will set the media people stand outside the Commissioner office. Also, remember one thing that we have to do all this before Ramadan. The media has to be updated on our case regularly.

On June 24, 8:54 am, the model again sent a message, it read, “I will take the email print outs and meet Rakesh Maria personally next week. After which, he will start the investigation in this case as well as the Poonam Pandey angle. Soon, the news will reach the media automatically. Meanwhile, you send the notice to Sunil Paraskar.

On June 28, the model talks about the emails sent to the DIG.

June 28, 9:11 am, the model writes, “I have sent some 20 odd emails to the DIG, this might help you in filing the case against him.” On the same day, this small-time model sent another message on 10:04 am, which said, “Paraskar will remain mum on the issue, asking Poonam Pandey to hire a lawyer and file a defamation case.”

June 30, 10:15 am, she wrote, “We will have to give one copy of this notice to the Police Commissioner, one to Sunil Paraskar and one to the media.”

On July 2, 8:24 am, the message which the model sent Rizwan read, “ I want to make this case a popular one.” The same day, at 8:27 am, she again wrote, “I will not speak with the media directly. You will talk to them about my case. I have spoken to a few English news channels, all we have to do is prepare a solid notice against the DIG.”

On July 3, 9:33 am, she wrote, “Paraskar wants to meet me today. Also he wants you, my sister and an investigating officer to accompany us. But I don`t want to meet him, rather I will meet the officer alone. I will carry a voice recorder with me and try to record the entire conversation. Now, you tell me how will I do all this. Also, include Poonam and Manisha`s name in my notice.”

On July 4, 9:18 am, she wrote, “I have tweeted against Poonam and Paraskar. A news channel head has advised me to file an FIR against Paraskar and Poonam in police station. Tell me how to do it?”

On July 10, 7:40 am, the model messaged Rizwan, expressing her displeasure over casting of a popular reality TV show, for which she along with Poonam Pandey are reportedly vying. She wrote, “Sunil Paraskar is not replying, now he will be off on a vacation. The casting for the TV show has started already. Either she will be taken in or me. We both can`t be offered the show, as we fall in the same category. For past two years, both of us have been getting dropped at the last moment. Let`s see what happens this year.”

On July 14, 9:04 pm, the model says, “We can`t really file any case against Paraskar. Suppose, if I say that there is an affair between Paraskar and Poonam. And if I leak the email conversation that I had with him over this thing, can he file a case against me?”

On July 15, 10:14 am, she messaged, “Call me whenever you get free. I have to push this news fast.”

The model had last chatted with Rizwan on July 21 and not even once `rape` was mentioned in her messages. It was only after the lawyer excused himself from the controversial case, the model in the last week of July decided to come up with the rape and molestation charges bid against the DIG.

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