Zoya Akhtar`s film has nothing to do with our real life: Farhan Akhtar

Mumbai: As an actor Farhan Akhtar, who also directs and produces movies, had a fabulous year with biopic `Bhaag Milkha Bhaag` and now he is looking forward to Dev Benegal`s film with Kareena Kapoor and his sister Zoya`s next directorial venture which he says has nothing to do with their off screen relationship.

"Let me take this opportunity to very clearly state that Zoya`s film has nothing to do with our real life relationship. It is entirely a work of fiction," said Farhan about the content in Zoya`s film.

He will start shooting for Benegal`s film after "my forthcoming film `Shaadi Ke Side Effects` releases".

So far he has acted in films like "Rock On!!", "Bhaag Milkha Bhaag" (BMB), "Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara" and each film has given a chance to do something new.

The actor-filmmaker said: "In some kind of away, I am automatically drawn to roles that take me to the other end of the spectrum."

Excerpts from an interview:

Q: You seem to be more active as an actor than a filmmaker?

A: When you are surfing, and you catch a nice wave, you don`t leave it halfway through to find a better one. I am in that kind of a space. This journey seems so correct. I am truly enjoying this experience, working with the people that I am working with right now. And I`m getting such wonderful opportunities to work with such amazing talent. I don`t know when again I`ll have this opportunity. I am just now looking forward to my next film as an actor. And that`s in Dev Benegal`s film.

Q: Kareena is your co-star in this film?

A: Yes. She is. And I am really looking forward to working with her. We start shooting together right after my forthcoming film "Shaadi Ke Side Effects" releases.

Q: Does Dev`s film give you the chance to do something new again?

A: Oh yes, that`s almost become a subconscious precondition for every role I do. For me, to consciously seek unpredictable roles would be dangerous. In some kind of way, I am automatically drawn to roles that take me to the other end of the spectrum. I`ve just finished Saket Chowdhary`s "Shaadi Ke Side Effects". For the first time it truly feels like I am doing a romantic comedy.

Q: This is the first time you`re attempting a comedy?

A: As a full-on mood, yes. But there were pronounced elements of comedy in "Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara". When I read Saket`s script, I found it genuinely very funny. And at the same time it is maturely written.

Q: Are you consciously selecting a different co-star each time?

A: What?! No! But come to think it`s true. It`s been a different co-star every time. I`ve made no conscious effort to pick different co-stars each time. But that`s a good occurrence. Every time you work with a new co-star a whole new dynamic emerges. I am sure the same will happen with Kareena.

Q: Tell me about the films that you and your friend Ritesh Sidhwani are producing?

A: There is my sister Zoya`s film. It`d be shot when I am shooting Dev Benegal`s film. But my work in the two films won`t overlap. I have very seriously different looks for both the films.

Q: You are in all the two films that Zoya has directed so far and now a third?

A: Yeah, and why not? I am happily a constant in her films. And besides she works with other actors too, doesn`t she?

Q: Zoya`s film is about a brother and a sister? Is it based on your relationship with her?

A: No no. That confusion has prevailed for a while now. So let me take this opportunity to very clearly state that Zoya`s film has nothing to do with our real life relationship. It is entirely a work of fiction.

Q: Are you doing any other films as an actor?

A: Yes, a film produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra to be directed by Bejoy Nambiar. It`s Vidhu`s script. That`s something I am looking forward to.

Q: This is the one where you share screen space with Mr Bachchan? Do you two play father and son?

A: Yes, and no.

Q: Come to think of it so many films of yours have been trendsetters?

A: If you want to call them that. To me Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is definitely a landmark. It has taught me so much. Last week I went for my daughter`s sports day. All the little students there in school, even the shy little 6-7 year olds were hiding behind each other and calling out `Milkha` to me. That felt wonderful.

Q: Milkha has impacted the way we look at sports besides cricket?

A: Students have met me and said that the film has changed the way sports and games are looked on in the college curriculum. BMB has opened up a world of possibilities. It has inspired me to believe that the really difficult things in life can be achieved by sheer application. And it doesn`t matter which vocation one is in.