Christmas party tips

Liji Varghese

Fun, food, wine, music, frolic and party are the words that come to your mind when you think of Christmas. But then throwing a party is after all not that easy. Chalking out the budget, preparing guest list, decorating the house can be strenuous if not planned out properly.

We get to you some very interesting party tips to make your celebrations a fun filled affair.

First and foremost thing that you need to decide is the budget that you would like to set aside for the party. Don’t include your shopping budget in it as there are chances you may lose track of how much you have spent and may even fall short of cash in the end.

1. To make things easier, here is a list of parties for you to select from according to your budget:

i. Theme party: Concept of theme based parties has lately caught on with almost everyone these days. The first thing you need to do is to decided on a theme and then inform each and every guest about your idea so that everyone comes dressed accordingly.

ii. Outdoor party: Don’t mistake it with a garden party with barbecue and stuff set outside your house. Usually these kinds of parties are organised in hotels or restaurants. Opt for this party only if you do not want to take the pain of cooking and decorating the house. Remember to book the place early to avoid last minute hassles and also brief the organiser about what kind of arrangements you require and the kind of food you want to serve your guests.

iii. Decor party: Simple and one of the most exciting kinds of parties, this get–together involves active participation of your guests in decorating your house. The only thing that you require to do is have all the decorations ready. The food will basically have more of snacks and beverages like hot coffee and juices as the guest will be actively involved in decoration and would like munching on something or the other in between. I would recommend you to avoid any sort of alcoholic drink, as an overdose can make someone ill and spoil the mood of the entire party. (though alcohol has more or less become an integral part of the celebrations, I would say one must avoid it in any kind of party because it’s always better to enjoy the `birth of a child` in full consciousness rather than actually forgetting the next day about what the merry-making was all about ).

iv. Carol party: Churches have their respective choir groups going around the city singing carols in Christian homes, but then think about having your own friend circle and going to not only each other’s house but to all the neighbouring houses and bringing in all the different communities into a complete mode of celebrating the essence of life. What better message can a Christmas celebration give than enjoying each single day of your life to the fullest and living in harmony with one and all, irrespective of where we belong to and what we believe in.

v. Prayer meet: This is not a kind of party as such, but is more of a religious get-together, wherein a priest or an elderly presides over the meet, which includes bible reading, carols etc. The meeting is followed by an elaborate main course meal.

vi. `Gift a smile` party: If you are someone who doesn’t believe in partying or sitting and singing carols, but in good deeds then this is something that you can do in true spirit of Christmas. Ask your friends and relatives to donate what they can in their capacity to those who are less privileged than many of us. I don’t promise that you will be in paradise after your truly holy act, but I can guarantee you one thing, whenever you remember those innocent faces you will definitely have a satisfying smile on your face.

2. Once you decide upon the kind of party to be thrown, it’s time to work on the guest list and send out invites. Make sure that the invites are sent in the very first week of December so that even others have the time to chalk out their plans. While preparing guest list, cross check it twice so that you don’t miss out on anyone important. Festivals are about making new relations, but a small mistake can bring bitterness in your existing ones.

3. Next in line comes the food. In case you are organising the party outside or ordering from a caterer, remember to recheck the menu twice. Also make sure that you call up an hour before to ensure that nothing from the menu is missing. If the party is at home, decide the menu according to the theme of your party. Cakes, candies, cookies and beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) are must haves in your party. For main course choose anything from Indian, continental, Italian or Chinese cuisines depending on your and your guests’ taste. Make sure not to mix up two different types of cuisines as it’s always better to stick to one. (For exclusive Christmas recipes check out gourmet section or log on to )

4. Decorate your house to make the guests feel welcomed. No need to go overboard with the decorations. Keep it simple and make it look elegant with your Midas touch. (On how to decorate your house this Christmas click `House Decoration Tips`)

5. Sort out some good music and keep them in a new playlist or get it uploaded on a CD so that you and your guests can enjoy the delicious food with soothing music.

6. Don’t just play a good host but also be and interactive host. Don’t keep yourself busy in serving your guest. Organise games to keep your guests engaged and make sure that you too be a part of it.

7. In the end, thank God for giving you another day to celebrate.

8. Don’t forget to send your guest away with thank you gifts that they can keep as a memoir.

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