Avoid Diwali crackers, but try cracker facial

New Delhi: Crackers may not be good for health, but cracker facial helps to get a radiant skin.

Cracker facial, a two-hour relaxing treatment, includes the following steps:

- The protein therapy: It’s given keeping in mind various skin problems like tanning, blemishes and patchy skin.

- Massage: A 10 to 15 minutes gold gel massage is given to rejuvenate the skin.

- Pack: Chocolate pack is applied on those with dry skin and gold for oily skin.

The price ranges between Rs.3,100 and Rs.5,000.

To maintain the glow, moisturise your skin on a daily basis. The effect of the facial, available at Aashmeen Munjaal`s Star Salon and Aashmeen Munjaal`s Empire of Makeovers in the capital, will last up to a month if taken care of regularly.