‘Cinema Khel Khel Mein’ has Bollywood tadka: Vineet Raina

Considering the kind of impact TV serials has on the masses, artists who make a career on small screen are nothing less than demigods. From following what an actor wears to identifying oneself with the character on-screen, TV viewers do it all. And for them, TV stars are an integral part of their family.

To be working in a field that is nothing but glitz and glam, it takes tremendous self-control to remain grounded and to have a stable head on shoulders. And to be working with conviction deserves a loud applause. Here’s a handsome young man, hailing from ‘Heaven on Earth’ aka Jammu & Kashmir, who has created a niche for himself on small screen and has a huge fan following. In an exclusive interview, Vineet Raina shares his journey from being an actor to turning a game show host, with Gayatri Sankar of Spicezee.com.

Gayatri: You began your TV career with Zee TV’s ‘Maayka’. How has your journey as an actor been since then?

Vineet: By the grace of God and sheer handwork, my journey has been quite satisfying so far. I am lucky to have best wishes pouring in and the constant support of my family and fans. However, I have miles to go before I sleep, lot more to do, much more to explore. My journey has indeed just begun!

Gayatri: How easy or difficult is it to live up to people’s expectation when it comes to portraying varied characters. At the end of the day it’s the character that gives identity to an actor or is it the other way round?

Vineet: First of all, one has to believe in himself. If I believe that I am living up to my own expectations only then I will be able to expect the same from viewers. Needless to say, it takes tremendous effort to essay a role as one needs to get into the skin of the character. I live my character. So viewers tend to relate with me.

The character gives identity to an actor and the actor gives life to the character, whom people identify themselves with.

Gayatri: Your fans have missed you on TV for quite some time now. When can they see you back on the idiot box?

Vineet: I try my hands on something different every time I take up a show. I have essayed varied shades. People always used to tell me that I should host a show. They made me believe that I had the potential to present a programme. And here I am. I am making a comeback on small screen with a new show ‘Cinema Khel Khel Mein’ for Zee Cinema which starts on 18th April. It’s a family game show that will be aired at 12 noon.

Gayatri: What’s ‘Cinema Khel Khel Mein’ all about?

Vineet: ‘Cinema Khel Khel Mein’ is a reality family game show, where families from all over the world can send entries through SMS service by typing (CKKM {space} their NAME { space } their CITY NAME ) and sending it to 57575 or emailing me at response@zeenetwork.com. We will randomly select families visit their homes to quiz them about Bollywood.

Winners will be entitled for a cash prize of Rs 11,000/-. The games have a Bollywood tadka. Members of the family compete against each other. Apart from the daily prize, winners from Monday-Thursday episode will get an opportunity to compete against each other in the Friday finale. Winners of the finale will be awarded Rs 25,000 cash prize.

This game show is the first of its kinds where contestants need to queue up to participate. In fact the crew of ‘Cinema Khel Khel Mein’ visits the house of the contestant. The show also has an ‘X- Factor’ round where one member from the family can show his talent on the screen.

I am glad we have already started getting amazing response from our viewers who have only seen the trailers. And I am totally excited and amazed by the Bollywood gyan people have and Hindi cinema has become an integral part of their lives.

Gayatri: How different is acting from hosting?

Vineet: When I am hosting I don’t need to act or portray a character, I am what I am and how I am off screen. While hosting I get to meet and interact directly with people and I was moved to see that people still remember me as ‘Veer’ of ‘Maayka’. It feels great.

Gayatri: Was it easy for you to don the host’s cap for the show?

Vineet: It was challenging for me as hosting was a completely new job. But a daredevil that I am, I accept challenges that come my way with open arms and emerge victorious. And I will keep on doing the same. That’s what my fans expect from me and I live up to it.

Gayatri: What kind of roles are you looking forward to essay?

Vineet: For now I am really enjoying hosting ‘Cinema Khel Khel Mein’ as I get to travel to different cities. I am through with Mumbai and Pune schedule…Will be heading to Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Delhi for the next schedule. Meeting new people is an awesome experience…Will take up a serial as soon as I get something challenging and convincing to play…Would love to host a few more shows too.

Gayatri: What character would you love to essay?

Vineet: I want to portray the great freedom fighter Sardar Bhagat Singh.

Gayatri: Who or what inspires you?

Vineet: The struggle my parents have gone through for years since we migrated from our hometown Kashmir due to militancy inspires me to keep my spirits high. I do all what it takes to keep my parents happy and make them proud. Their smile means everything to me. They are my inspiration & my life.

Gayatri: The latest on your personal front.

Vineet: Well, I am discussing this for the first time. I am single again but not ready to mingle any time soon. For now I am totally concentrating on my work.

Gayatri: Your message for your fans.

Vineet: After my parents and God, my fans including my critics are the one who keep me going. I want to tell them that I take time to return to the screen every time I am off screen because I want to give them something different to watch every time they see me making a comeback. I believe that’s what they expect from me. I want to entertain them in every possible way before I close my eyes and for that I would always need their love, wishes and support. I want to thank them too because I am whatever I am because of them. Love them a lot.

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