Gadgets and Gizmos of Summer 2010

Bikas Bhagat

Summer is upon us. And you must be looking for ways to beat the sweltering heat which is making our days so unbearable. But relax, we humans are said to be the most intelligent species on Earth and, hence, any adversity is an opportunity to showcase our skills and come out with something truly extraordinary.

So, this summer, we present an interesting list of cool gadgets which are weather-friendly, stylish, funky and easy on your pocket! It is time to gear up for that techno-fresh experience that truly promises to blow your mind as you look at the gadgets and gizmos in vogue.

Solar Panel powered Juice Bag

Remember the last time you went hiking in cool climes and your cellphone, your iPod and the GPS device all died because they ran out of power? Well, this time you have a smart bag called Solar Panel powered Juice Bag to the rescue. With this you will be able to charge any 12 V electronic devices with its solar panel that can generate up to 7 watts of power! That’s juice of life for your gadgets!

USB Fan for Your Workplace

This could truly be a blessing for all you geeks out there. The USB powered fans helps you keep cool when you are at work. This low power consuming device is a must have for this summer. The blades are of plastic and are absolutely harmless, but still we’ll recommend you to be a little less playful around it!

Wireless Solar Speaker

Let the sun play the music for you this summer! Just put these eco-friendly solar speakers in sun-shine and connect its wireless transmitter to your iPod and it will play music the whole day, taking power from its solar panel. Please don’t stop the music, eh!

Air Conditioned Shirt

No we are not in Harry Potter world. Well, this tech-clothing is something you’ll be amazed or rather relieved to have this summer. The Air Conditioned Shirt promises to keep you cool all along. The product has been introduced both for men and women. Available in different colours, you can select from a wide range, shapes and sizes.

Waterproof OverBoard gadget case

Beach is what you hit when it’s summer. So, it’s but natural that you’ll be soaked all the time if not with water then with sweat. So here you have a Waterproof OverBoard gadget case, which will ensure the safety of all your small fidgets like iPod, pen drives and stuff from getting wet and ruined every time you make a splash.

Laptop Tent

Now, if you like spending time at the beach in summer and don’t have friends around, you need not bother as a weather-proof, handy gadget will help you connect with them and share your experience. You can get a LapDome, which is like a small tent for your laptop. It not only helps you see things on the laptop screen but also provides a shelter for your laptop from the sun’s rays.

Swimmer’s MP3 Player

You are not going to believe this. With Swimmer’s MP3 Player you can enjoy the music inside the pool! This little MP3 player can play music even when you are swimming. Well, this electronic piece of item is your best bet for summer.

Blue Jazz Water Resistant Camera

The cool quotient is just going up this season with the Blue Jazz Water Resistent Camera. You can click pictures with this water resistant camera whenever you are around water or even inside it! Go hit the pool and get clicking.

Bluetooth MP3 Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an essential commodity this hot summer. And if they come with MP3 playing capability - they become a must have. You can also connect your mobile phone via its bluetooth technology. What else do you want in your sunglasses? Message playing facility a la Mission Impossible-II? If yes, then remember Tom Cruise had to throw them away after use because they burst!

Rideable Three-wheeled Cooler

This three wheeled cooler has a 500 watt electric motor that can speed up to 14 mph taking your cold beverage cans and ice. Grab you drink on the move!


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